#13 Max, UK


Weekend Science is fun


My name is Max, I am just three years old and I live in Norwich in the UK. Last weekend my family – Mummy, Daddy, Baby brother Ben as well as my Nana and Grumps all visited Center Parcs in Woburn. It was really exciting as we all stayed in a log cabin in a big forest park. There were lots of wild animals including ducks, squirrels, deer and lots and lots of pretty wild birds.


My Mum and Nana took me to an activity class one morning. It was called messy play as there were lots of paints and glitter and sponges to make pictures with. I got covered in paint and so did Mummy and Nana – but I did make some very nice pictures to stick on my Nana’s wall.


Later on, my Nana and Grumps took me to a Crazy Science activity session where I made a volcano, mixed up some green gunge and took a rocket to the stars. That was very special.


I had to take my socks and shoes off and stand in a paddling pool full of water. I had to stand very still as the rocket captain prepared me for lift off. The rocket was a large hoola hoop dipped in the soapy water. On the count of three the captain pulled a huge bubble over me - it was like being a spaceman rushing up in space.  It was great fun. 


Throughout the weekend we also went swimming lots of times in the tropical swimming pool. I liked the fountains the best.  I liked putting my hand over the fountain to stop the water coming out and then I got Daddy soaked when I let go. I was very tired when we left on Monday, but we had a great time.



Here is a photo of my favourite teddy.



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