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Marvel Contest of the Champions


Caution- This story is fictional so please, don’t take it serious!!


Once upon a time in MARVEL UNIVERSE, all the villains were trapped in high tech jail in S.H.I.E.L.D.,  (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate)also Galactus and Doctor Doom (not kidding!). All the superheroes were having a party!! “ I can not believe this, Red Skull, Doctor Doom, Magneto, Ultron, Thanos, and even Galactus are in prison” said Nick Fury (Director of Shield).




Just then, some robots came and captured the heroes and villains. “What?? What happened??  Where is everyone???, Track every lost person”. ordered Fury. “There is no one existing in this city, neither heroes and villains nor the civilians.” said an agent. Then an agent mentioned “

When we are tracking everyone, the signal is going out of earth”. “HELP! HELP!, the tri carrier is captured by the robots, we are getting teleported to some space ship!” ZAP!, the tri carrier teleported to a huge spaceship in somewhere deep in space. They saw that the robots captured them to some special boxes and fainted them. All the superheroes and super villains were trapped and fainted in the same special box. But, Spider-Man was all right because of spider sense, he punched the box and searched that how did they teleported here. He heard some sounds from a huge super villain(I guess). “HA! Ha! Ha!, our plan worked, sweet brother”. Then spidey saw a huge sad super villain saying “I am fed up of this, GRANDMASTER, I don’t know why do you want to steal my collection”. “COLLECTOR!” yelled Spider-Man. Collector replied (Collector is the fed up villain)“How do you know me and……” ” You are an supervillain who likes to collect anything possible and thinks it as a toy” interrupted Spider-Man. “Not now, This is my brother GRANDMASTER and he is thrice times powerful than me. He wants to steal all my collection so he came up with a game on superheroes vs supervillains, I am taking the heroes and GRANDMASTER is taking the villains, if heroes win, earth is normal, but if villains win the earth is captured by them and GRANDMASTER. Whichever character lost, is in opponent's team.” Explained Collector. “I choose Spider-Man, Iron man and Wolverine” announced Collector. “I choose Doctor Octopus, Sabertooth and Beetle” said GRANDMASTER“Are you kidding GRANDMASTER, I can not battle.

-To be continued…………………………………..





Collector on the left and GRANDMASTER on the right.


This was the 




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